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Eat like a local. Canadian Edition-Nanaimo

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

I bet you've already guessed what food I am going to be talking about here? If you said Nanaimo bars, then you are right. These are one of my most favourite deserts when they are made correctly. Originating in Nanaimo, British Columbia, the basic recipe for these are simple with graham crackers, coconut and nuts as the base with creamy buttery custard and topped with a semi-sweet chocolate topping. Not much is known about how they started, but each year in Nanaimo, they hold a local contest for the best recipe. If you want the best place to get them, you have to go to Bocca Café right downtown Nanaimo. Or if you're going to try them all, check out the Nanaimo bar trail, You will definitely get your fill with this! Enjoy eating like a local.

Photo credit Nanaimo Tourism board

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